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caroline_ic's Journal

Caroline Trentini Icon Challenge
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Hey everyone and welcome to the first Caroline Trentini icon challenge.
If you love icon making, Caroline, or models in general, join!
caroline_ic was created on January 15, 2006.

Your mod: fame_n_glitter

1. Submit only YOUR icons. Do not steal anybody elses icons.
2. Don't post your entry anywhere else until the challenge is over.
Related subject: Do not tell people to vote for your icon.
3. Your icon must fit LJ's size requirements. (100x100, 40kb)
4. All icons should be submitted in this format:

5. If you want to use someone's icon, please ask a mod or the maker before taking.
6. No insulting other peoples artwork.
7. Post your icon(s) as a comment on the challenge post. You may post up to 3 icons per challenge.
8. In order to win you have to vote, but you cannot vote for yourself.
9. A mod's choice will also be awarded based on the mod's favourite icon.
10. Please follow these rules and have fun!


To become an affiliate, comment HERE.

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currently: challenge #10 is open.

If you'd like to be a banner maker at caroline_ic, comment here.